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Class Level Initiatives

We are lucky in Rush National School to experience a range of different initiatives across our class levels.

Guided Reading

Our Early Literacy Intervention Programme ‘Guided Reading’ is implemented in our senior infants classes each year. As part of this intervention, the children engage in activities to develop their reading and comprehension skills. The ultimate goal of guided reading is to help the children learn how to use independent reading strategies effectively. The classes receive two hours of guided reading each week. During this time, the children work in small groups within the classroom focusing on the areas of phonics, vocabulary, independent reading and reading with the support of a teacher.   


Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) is fast becoming a key subject area in our ever-changing world. With this in mind, Rush NS have recently introduced STEM as a new in-class initiative for 2nd and 4th class. 2019 was our inaugural year where we learnt all about forces, electricity and built land yachts. During the current academic year, our classes will be learning everything associated with water. We will be learning new facts, carrying out experiments and proving theories associated with water. The children love learning through this practical, hands on approach to teaching and learning.

Mata sa Rang

2nd and 3rd class take part in the Mata sa Rang programme. Promoted by the Department of Education and Science to improve numeracy outcomes, the Mata sa Rang programme offers a unique approach to extending children’s number knowledge, understanding and strategies. Two additional teachers join the class teacher to deliver the Mata sa Rang programme within the pupils’ classroom. The pupils are divided into groups and rotate through stations around the classroom. The Mata sa Rang content addresses number words and numerals, structuring numbers 1-20, conceptual place value, addition and subtraction to 100 and beyond, multiplication and division and written computation.


Our 3rd class pupils learn how to play the ukulele with Kevin, a professional musician from The Mobile Music School. Our pupils learn about chords and scales on the ukulele. They also learn to play many popular songs like ‘Smoke in the Water’ by Deep Purple and ‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley. The ukulele can be a great starting point before moving on to other stringed instruments such as the guitar.


4th class pupils in Rush National School take part in Sportslink’s six-week ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) swimming programme. This is a staged programme and is designed to assist development at each pupil’s individual pace. This ensures our pupils develop through the range of skills and strokes needed to be fully competent and confident swimmers.

Picker Pals

Picker Pals is a fun environmental programme for primary school children, their families, schools and communities. Through fun stories and songs and a special ‘Picker Pals Pack’ containing everything needed for litter-picking, Picker Pals motivates children to lead litter-picking adventures with their families. Picker Pals gives children the opportunity to make the world a better place.

This initiative takes place in 1st Class in Rush National School. Every weekend, three families in the school receive the Picker Pals pack. They get to go on a litter-picking adventure in their local area to collect as much litter as they can. This has proven to be a very enjoyable and successful initiative. The benefits can be seen all around our local environment. Well done to all the children in the school, and their parents, for their hard work.