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Our Staff

Teachers and Classes

2023 – 2024


Principal:  Morgan Doran

Deputy Principal:  Norma McElligott

Class Room Teacher
Junior Infants Room 5 Ms. L. Fortune
Junior Infants Room 6 Ms. E. McGlynn
Junior Infants Room 7 Ms. A. Moore
Junior Infants Room 8 Ms. L. Murray
Senior Infants Room 9 Ms. L. Tynan
Senior Infants Room 10 Ms. M. Carolan
Senior Infants Room 11 Ms. S. Ferguson
Senior Infants Room  12 Ms. A. Grace
1st Class Room 13 Ms. S. Donnelly
1st Class Room 14 Ms. K. Weldon
1st Class Room 15 Ms. K. McMahon
2nd Class Room 4 Ms. L. Harford
2nd Class Room 8A Ms. N. Conaty
2nd Class Room 16 Ms. M. O’Donnell / Ms. M. Ryan
2nd Class Prefab 1 Ms. A. McEvoy / Ms. C. Russell
2nd Class Prefab 2 Ms. G. Hughes / Ms. C. Shiels
3rd Class Prefab 6 Ms.  M. Morris
3rd Class Prefab 7 Ms. A. Emmett
3rd Class Prefab 8 Mr. M. Farrell
4th Class Prefab 3 Ms. S. Costello
4th Class Prefab 4 Ms. E. Ryan
4th Class Prefab 5 Ms. C. Chapman
5th Class Prefab 10 Mr. E. McCormack
5th Class Prefab 13 Ms. J. Kelly
5th Class Prefab 14 Mr. A. Purcell
5th Class Prefab 15 Ms. P. McCarthy / Ms. N. Walsh
6th Class Room 1 Ms. D. McLoughlin
6th Class Room 2 Mr. C. Berkeley
6th Class Room 3 Ms. K. Mooney
S.E.T. Prefab 12A Ms. L. Howley
S.E.T. Prefab 12B Ms. E. Sexton
S.E.T. Prefab 9A Ms.  Y. Cusack / Ms. L. McGinty
S.E.T. Hut 1 Ms. B. Woods
S.E.T. Hut 2 Ms. C. Daly
S.E.T. Prefab 14A Mr. A. Carberry
S.E.T. Prefab 14B Ms. R. McGuinness
S.E.T. Prefab 11 Mrs. K. Browne
S.E.T. Prefab 9B Ms. D. Colhoun
S.E.T. Room 9C Ms. Y. Keegan / Mr. R. McGinty
S.E.T. Prefab 14C Mr. C. Fallon
S.E.T. Room 9A Mr. C. Byrne
Float Prefab 9B Ms. C. O’Brien

SNA staff

Ms. L. Murphy

Ms. F. Owens

Ms. M. Grant

Ms. A. McBride

Ms. S. Archer

Ms. O. Grimes

Ms. G. Clare / Ms. E. McMahon

Ms. D. Jones

Ms. E. Radecka

Ms. A. Hickey

Secretary: Ms. J. Hughes

Office Assistant: Ms. M. Flynn

Caretaker: Ms. J. Sweetman

Canteen: Ms. N. McGee


Board Of Management

Peter Conway (Chairperson)

Morgan Doran (Hon. Secretary)

Aaron Purcell (Elected Teacher)

Jeanine Halpin (Elected Parent)

Alan Durnan (Hon. Treasurer)

Denis Byrne (Nominated Community)

Kate McLoone (Nominated Community)